Certification of Hygienic Conformity


Hygienic certificate for filters

JSC „Ygla“ has certified filters according to European hygienic requirements in accredited Germany laboratory. Hygienic certificate confirms that the filters can be used in HVAC systems which are designed according to these standards:

European standard

  • EN 13779:2007-09

German standards

  • VDI 6022, part 1:2011-07
  • VDI 3803:2010-02
  • DIN 1946-4:2008-12

Austrian standards

  • ÖNORM H 6021:2003-09
  • ÖNORM H 6020:2007-02

Swiss SWKI regulations

  • VA104-01 (04/2006)
  • 99-3 (04/2003)

Customers can be sure that certified filters prevents from growth of microorganisms, ensure tightness and are in highest quality.